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Company NameWismerll S.E.A Pte Ltd
DirectorYasuhiro Seiki
Regional ManagerZen Tan
Establishment Date22 February 2006
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Business NaturesManufacturer, import and export and the marketing of medical equipments and products
CustomersInstitutions, hospitals, clinics, dentistry clinics, pharmaceutical companies
Main Product(Medical Equipment)

Free Carrio Duo Redox Analyser,

Free Radicals Appraisal System F.R.E.E.

Various other products include: Dark Field Microscope

Correspondent BankDBS Bank, Toa Payoh Branch, Singapore

Oxidative Stress And Antioxidant Seminars

Wismerll Institute, Japan, have conducted Oxidative Stress And Antioxidant Seminars every year since 2003. 

Till date, well over 150 professors and doctors have lectured and given presentations of their clinical studies and findings in these seminar, with more than 3,000 attendees, mostly Japanese doctors.


Did You Know:

  • More than 1,000 facilities in Japan are conducting oxidative stress and antioxidant tests, and more than 100 research papers reporting such use have been published on a global scale by Japanese researchers.

  • The highest record of subjects taking the d-ROMs and BAP test in 1 day is 500 people.

  • The research papers of the d-ROMs & BAP tests published in recent years in Japan top the world's most by volume.

  • Asia's first d-ROMs • BAP test is authenticated to Class 2 in vitro diagnostics in South Korea.


Our Philosophy

We incorporate the use of wisdom, emotions and intention to work towards a better world.
We provide innovative products and information that can contribute to the progress of the times and the welfare and happiness of people everywhere.

It is said that the 21st century is the era of vitality, where medical personnel and people have started turning their attention to "life force" and "healing power" inherent in human beings. 

WISMERLL - Embracing scientific research and innovation for a healthier life for all.



Be In The Zen

A healthy mind and body,

Alive, Spirited and Well.

The cornerstone of good health and happiness is essentially the fulfillment of 4 basic needs - food, shelter, clothing and recreation - in a meaningful way.

Our company is committed to providing genuine health solutions for today's contemporary ills by focusing on Preemptive Medicine and addressing the root cause rather than the symptoms of diseases to bring about a better quality of life.

The search for a cure does not begin with treatment. It starts with prevention.