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Company NameWismerll S.E.A Pte Ltd
DirectorYasuhiro Seiki
Regional ManagerZen Tan
Establishment Date22 February 2006
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Business NaturesManufacturer, import and export and the marketing of medical equipments and products
CustomersInstitutions, hospitals, clinics, dentistry clinics, pharmaceutical companies
Main Product(Medical Equipment)

Carrio 200 Redox Analyser, Free Radicals Automated Analytical Device FRAS4

Free Radicals Appraisal System F.R.E.E.

Various other products include: Dark Field Microscope

Correspondent BankDBS Bank, Toa Payoh Branch, Singapore

Oxidative Stress And Antioxidant Seminars

Wismerll Institute, Japan, have conducted Oxidative Stress And Antioxidant Seminars every year since 2003. The 14th Annual Seminar will be held this year (17 Jul 2016) at the Akihabara Convention Hall in Tokyo. This year's theme is:

Oxidative Stress Assessment's Contributory Role To Advanced Medicine And Approaches To Oxidative Stress Reduction.

Till date, 148 professors and doctors have lectured and given presentations of their clinical studies and findings in these seminars

Over a span of 12 years, our annual oxidative stress and antioxidant seminars have attracted about 2,700 attendees, mostly doctors from all over Japan and a handful from foreign countries.

The Carratelli Panel oxidative stress assessment system, integrating d-ROMs (oxidative stress level) and BAP (biologic antioxidant potential) tests, is currently being used in research and clinical services in more than 40 countries. 


More than 1,000 facilities in Japan are running these tests, and more than 100 research papers reporting such use have been published on a global scale by Japanese researchers.


Did You Know:

  • The highest record of subjects taking the d-ROMs and BAP test in 1 day is 500 people.
  • The research papers of the d-ROMs & BAP tests published in recent years in Japan is the world's most by volume.
  • Asia's first d-ROMs • BAP test is authenticated to Class 2 in vitro diagnostics in South Korea.
Wismerll Institute reagents for d-ROMS and BAP was certified by the Korean Medical Equipment Board for in vitro diagnostic as (GMP) Good Manufacturing Practice manufacturer.


A Better Life For A Better Tomorrow For You

Be In The Zen

A healthy mind and body

Alive, Spirited and Well

What constitutes good health? 

What makes for success and happiness?

What is the fountain of youth?

And more importantly how to achieve it.

Essentially, it means fulfilling our 4 basic needs - food, shelter, clothing and recreation - in a meaningful way.

In short, live cheerfully, be optimistic and stay healthy.

This ancient wisdom, founded on the balance of Yin and Yang and the harmony between heaven and earth, is as true today as it was in our forefathers time. 

We believe it is the birthright of every man to live a happy, healthy and meaningful life.

Wismerll SEA is committed to providing genuine health solutions for today's contemporary ills. We are focused on bringing high quality offerings that add to a better quality of life. We are focused on addressing the root cause rather than the symptoms. In short we are Committed To Your Well Being.

The search for a cure does not begin with treatment. It starts with prevention.

WISMERLL - Embracing scientific research and innovation for a healthier life for all.